PKC series intelligent digital power regulator

PKC1 Intelligent Digital Power Regulator is using advanced single-chip design

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Product Description:

PKC1 Intelligent Digital Power Regulator is using advanced single-chip design, it is the new generation regulator providing control solution for power-conversion application by using SCR to control the sine wave:

  • Microcontroller is used as the key with parameter set-up,test and protect functions
  • LED display and key configuration are easy to operate
  • 10 bits AD conversion,high resolution with high linearity
  • 12 bits DA output accuracy,the minimum value of the analog output can be set
  • Input and output port are both using secure,jam-proofing isolation technology
  • Wide trigger pulse to improve reliability of control signal
  • Integration of open-loop,constant pressure,limited pressure,constant current,limited current which can be selected, high precision of temperature control
  • RS485 communication port,support standard MODBUS protocol RTU mode
  •  Power frequency 50/60 Hz auto-detect
  •  Zero cross control or phase angle control selectable
  •  Auto output or manual output selectable
  • Multi-input type optional
  • Configurable starting output voltage of phase control
  • Configurable maximum and minimum output limit

  • Configurable soft start or kick start time
  • Voltage/Current feedback detection function
  • Some functions can operate through external switch
  • Multi automatic diagnostic alarm function
  • This product can be used together with temperature controllers with Continuous PID output in order to achieve high accuracy of temperature control. It can also be used alone manually to achieve accurate voltage and current control
  • This product is suitable for controlling fixed resistive load,variable resistive load, inductive load,transformer load and capacitive load
  • This product can be used widely in high accuracy temperature control of plastic,glass,ceramic,metallurgy,heat treatment,chemical engineering,electric stove and kilns etc, it is the new generation regulator replacement for the traditional ZK-1,NZK-1 SCR regulators