YLMC-200 LIQUID crystal microcomputer programmable controller for carbon dioxide incubator

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  • This series can be adopted for temperature controlling of equipments such as electro-thermal drying, thermo-static water bath, bacterial cultivation, bio-chemical cultivation, etc.
  • Adopt advanced micro-computer and high-precision PID controlling calculation method, guarantee minimum overshoot, as well as the high speed temperature rising time, and the operation is more accurate and stable.
  • Adopt advanced technology and process such as SMT process, optimal self-tuning algorithm and the design of integrated hardware and software electromagnetic compatibility, etc.
  • Except temperature controlling function, the temperature rising timing function and cooling control with time-delay function are also added.
  • Adopt novel surface frame, particularly suitable for facilities of medical and laboratory equipments.
  • Nozzle size (mm) for YLA(H) type: 76×156; YLA type: 156×76; YIB type: 115×55; YLD type: 91×91; YLE type: 67.5×67.5; YLG type: 45×45.