Ylmc-600 LIQUID crystal microcomputer programmable controller for carbon dioxide incubator

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 YLMC-□ □ □ □ □ □       

                    ① ②  ③ ④  ⑤ ⑥             

① Display selection    ②:Humidity selection   ③:Lighting selection   ④: Refrigeration selection       ⑤Program selection        ⑥:Communication

2:Liquid crystal display (LCD)     0:No humidity detection   0:No light control   

   -C:With refrigeration control    -P:24- segment program control                      

② 6:4.3-inch touch screen       1:Humidity detection       1: Light control  Empty: No cooling control     Null: fixed value control       -T1:485Communication


Product features:

1、 Program or fixed value control:Microcomputer program to control temperature, CO2 concentration, illumination (with lighting function, maximum level 3 lighting), can be set 24 program control or fixed value control.It can be switched between program or fixed value control through key combination.

2、The number of operation segments and operation time can be adjusted manually:24 sections of the program can be arbitrarily selected to run several sections, after the end of the last section can be repeated from the first section, you can set the number of repeated running.The number of running segments and time can be manually modified through the combination of keys. Using this method, the running time of the controller can be adjusted to be synchronized with Beijing time.

3、Power on mode selection:During power-on, you can select the power-on state to stop.Either from the first section or from the last power failure.

4、Appointment boot:After power on, if you need to start up automatically after a period of time, you can turn on the reserved start-up function.

5、Ultraviolet disinfection function:In the process of disinfection, open the door, automatically stop the disinfection lamp, after the door closed again automatically start disinfection.The cumulative amount of time the UV light is on,When the UV lamp works for more than 1000 hours, it will prompt you to change the UV lamp.

6、Rich protection function:9 kinds of error indication codes indicate the cause of the fault, it is clear when finding the cause of the fault, and automatically stop the output of the fault when the fault occurs, reliably prevent the occurrence of accidents.

7、Refrigeration function with compressor:Through the refrigeration function of the compressor, low-temperature CO2 culture can be selected. Refrigeration can choose start-stop type or balance type. When output with refrigeration function, it can also start defrosting function to prevent frosting and affect refrigeration effect, If there is no refrigeration function, the output of refrigeration can be used as the heating output of box temperature to expand the heating power of box temperature.

8、Lighting function:The incubator controller can be customized according to customer requirements of four levels of light,Corresponding to 0%, 33%, 66%,Hi%.With the lighting function, there is no alarm output, water supply output and defrosting output.

9、Display humidity in the box:The humidity sensor with high humidity can be selected to display the humidity in the box. The humidity can be queried by pressing the key, and the humidity can also be corrected to be consistent with the actual humidity through parameters.

10、Gating function:The door control contact closes to open the door,disconnect to close the door.When opening the door, automatically turn off all output, the buzzer will alarm. The temperature alarm and CO2 concentration alarm are not detected when the door is opened.

11、Water level monitoring:You can choose to monitor the water level in the humidifier disk. When the water level contact is closed, it means water shortage, and when it is disconnected, it means water full. When the water level is low, you can enable the automatic water refill function. If the water shortage lasts for more than 2 minutes, the water level alarm lights up and the buzzer starts to sound.

12、Dual-use controller:By turning on or off the CO2 concentration control, the user can be used as either a CO2 incubator controller or a single temperature incubator controller.

13、Direct heating TYPE CO2 concentration controller:Can be closed independent door temperature heating control, only box temperature control,At this time, the output of the door temperature can be used as the output of the box temperature to expand the heating power output of the box temperature.The door temperature sensor can be placed in the box temperature, as the protection temperature of the box temperature.

14、Query function:Enter the query menu and view the door temperature temperature, humidity, ambient temperature, the working time of the UV lamp and the remaining working cycle in turn.

15、Ambient temperature: With indoor temperature sensor, can display the room temperature, if the room temperature is too high, there will be an alarm and code prompt. If the measured room temperature and actual room temperature are not correct, it can be corrected.

16、Rich peripheral functions: through RS485 interface, can be connected with U disk controller, or micro printer control board, or mobile phone APP or computer software output data.

17、Power supply: general ac 85-264V input, even in harsh power environment can ensure reliable use.