YLMP-200 LIQUID crystal microcomputer constant temperature and humidity constant speed carbon dioxide concentration light incubator controller

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YLMP-2 1 □ □ □ □ □

                   ② ③ ④ ⑤ ⑥  

Display selection    ②:Speed selection      ③:Humidity control ④: Light control          ⑤:CO2 choice       

7:Color LCD      0:No speed control         Empty: No humidity control    

    Empty:No light            -CO2:With CO2 Control     

2:Brushless motor        -RH:With humidity control       -L5:Level 5 daylight lighting      Empty:No CO2 Control

                                                         -LED:100 level LED


Note:If brushless motor driver is required, please place another order of brushless driver control panel:  

YLQD-110:Drive 310V high voltage motor 200W  

YLQD-101:Drive 24V low voltage motor 100W   

YLQD-102: Drive 24V low voltage motor 200W


Product features:

  1. Controllable temperature control to CNC humidity control carbon dioxide concentration and light output.

  2. Revolution control is brushless motor,according to customer needs with 310V200w high voltage motor or 24V100W or 200w low voltage motor.

  3. Refrigeration can choose balance type or start-stop type;

  4. Manual output with lighting or UV; 

  5. Can be connected to the host computer software or micro printer or U disk storage.

  6. Fault code query function.

  7. Constant value or 24 section program control