YLXZ(NX)-212 Color LCD microcomputer brushless motor rotary evaporation controller

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YLXZ(NX)-2  □ □ □ □ □ □ □

               ①        ② ③ ④ ⑤ ⑥ ⑦

①Display panel      ②:Temperature selection    ③:Electric rotating machinery

  ④:Communication   ⑤:Brushless drive type      ⑥Lifting motor    ⑦Main control board power supply

(NX):Color screen encoder operation   0:No temperature control   1:Brush motor    Empty: no  -D200W(Low voltage motor200W)  -DM(Dc motor)  -DC:24VDC

1:With temperature control   2:Brushless motor    -T1:485   -D100W(Low voltage motor100W)  Empty:(Ac motor) Empty::220VAC

                                         -A200W(High voltage motor 200W)



Product features:

1、Special computer control panel for rotary evaporator.

2、Color large LCD display, rotary encoder with key control.

3、Lifting motor can choose to control AC motor or DC motor; Rotary motor can choose 310V high voltage motor or 24V low voltage motor.

4、The power supply for the main control panel can be 85-264VAC AC or 24VDC DC worldwide.

5、Through RS485 interface, can be connected with U disk controller, or micro printer control board, or computer computer software output data.

6、Fault code prompt function, convenient to check the cause of failure

7、Can be upgraded to touch screen control.