YTB0007DZ2S2L-1 terminal machine special frequency converter

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YTB0007DZ2S2L-1 inverter is a special frequency converter for terminal machine developed by our company.It is an upgraded version based on YTB0007DZ2S2L-1 in YTB-S-L series special frequency converter, keeping the advantages of the original variety and simplifying the outer terminal function,make it has the characteristics of compact structure, simple operation, strong practicability, high reliability, use with special operation panel



1. Brake positioning error≤0.5mm;

2. Equipped with terminal machine special external operator, more suitable for terminal machine matching use;

3. Through the parameter setting of frequency converter D176, it is convenient to set the working state of single and continuous beating;

4. The setting range of consecutive times has been expanded to 40, which is easy to use.