Textile Industry

Temperature and humidity monitoring system will control the relative humidity in the textile workshop between 70% to 80% RH, yarn strength increase, broken rate drop, static electricity elimination, reduce the phenomenon of flying hair in the working environment, improve the yield and quality. Due to the close relationship between temperature and humidity and fiber performance, when textile machinery processing fiber, temperature and humidity in the production of textile process production has a close relationship, has a great impact on product quality. Therefore, it is necessary to use special temperature and humidity monitoring system in textile production. Textile temperature and humidity monitoring system can eliminate the influence of relative humidity drop to ensure the quality of textiles. Relative humidity has a great influence on the quality of fiber yarn produced by textile. Temperature and humidity discomfort will not only affect the quality of products, but also affect the normal operation of equipment. If the temperature and humidity can not meet the requirements of the fabric, it will cause the uneven texture of the fabric, and there may be serious problems such as shrinkage.