XMT series 4-channel temperature control module

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General Description: 

1. Up to 8 channels of temperature control instruments with thermocouple or thermal resistance sensor input, external SSR solid state or mechanical relay control voltage output, up to eight independent control can be supported;Each channel can have different sensor inputs. If the thermocouple is used, all the N channels need to use the thermocouple. The thermocouple can be one or more of E/J/K, with the function of automatic cold end compensation.The instrument can be used independently or online with touch screen, computer or PLC.

2. High quality, high precision and high performance components are used in the circuit design, which greatly enhances the anti-interference performance and reduces the temperature drift, so that the mutual interference between N channels is fully dealt with, and the multi-channel measurement accuracy is at the same level as the single-channel instrument measurement accuracy.
3. The instrument can use DC24V as the power supply voltage, which is convenient for users to use the switching power supply, and can also customize AC220V as the power supply voltage.

4. The shell adopts the same guide rail installation method as the output module, which is convenient for customers to install and disassemble.


1. Adopt super large liquid crystal display screen, and the size of the face frame conforms to IEC standard.

2. Adopt the pluggable assembly structure of high elastic metal shrapnel, convenient for instrument interchange.

3. Adopt SMT process, switching power supply, double-channel PID self-tuning algorithm, integrated electromagnetic compatibility design of software and hardware and other advanced technologies and processes.