YLMQ-700 touch screen microcomputer programmable controller of artificial climate constant temperature and humidity Light incubator

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YLMQ-□ □ □ □ □ –□

             ①② ③ ④ ⑤   ⑥

① Display      ②:Humidity selection       ③:Lighting selection   ④:Program selection      ⑤:Communication         ⑥Illumination model

            0: No humidity control    0:No light    -P:24 program      -T1:485Communication      -LED: 100 level LED light

7:Kunlun on state   1:Humidity control   1:Have a ligh    mpty: day/night or constant value                Empty:Level 5 fluorescent lighting



Product features:

1、Program control:Microcomputer program to control temperature, humidity, illumination (LED continuous dimming),By setting the day and night two or 24 segments of program control to simulate the day and night temperature, humidity, light changes. Can switch between day and night control or 24 program control by key combination.

2、The number of operation segments and operation time can be adjusted manually:24 sections of the program can be arbitrarily selected to run several sections, after the end of the last section can be repeated from the first section, you can set the number of repeated running.The number of running segments and time can be manually modified through the combination of keys. Using this method, the running time of the controller can be adjusted to be synchronized with Beijing time.


3、Power on mode selection:During power-on, you can select the power-on state to stop.Either from the first section or from the last power failure.


4、Appointment boot:After power on, if you need to start up automatically after a period of time, you can turn on the reserved start-up function.

5、Ultraviolet disinfection function:The lighting output can be set as UV lamp disinfection output through parameter setting.


6、Rich protection function: 2 level temperature alarm protection, humidification condition protection, refrigeration protection, temperature fault alarm or measurement beyond the range of alarm, etc., perfect protection function to ensure the safe operation of the experiment without accidents.


7、Balanced or start-stop control:Through parameter setting, you can select balanced temperature and humidity control or start stop temperature and humidity control.Balance type control temperature and humidity can start the temperature or humidity self-tuning to more accurately control the temperature (+-0.1 degree) and humidity (+-1%), balance type has defrosting output options.Compressor refrigeration dehumidification control with independent intellectual property rights start and stop program, regardless of winter or summer, set high temperature and low temperature, high humidity and low humidity, set light intensity and so on,light intensity and so on, the start-stop control basically does not need to adjust parameters to control the temperature within +-1 degrees, humidity +-5% range.


8、Dual compressor mode: The controller can be set to work alternately with two compressors by setting parameters. After one compressor works for a certain number of hours, it can automatically switch to another compressor. On the one hand, it is beneficial to protect the compressor, on the other hand also can automatically defrosting .


9、Auxiliary output function: Different auxiliary output can be customized according to the needs of users. At present, the controller has five different auxiliary output functions for users to choose.

10、LED dimming: For continuous dimming mode, driving LED module.

11、Rich peripheral functions: Through RS485 interface, can be connected with U disk controller, or micro printer control board, or mobile phone APP or computer software output data.


12、Power supply:24V dc power supply for touch screen,the control panel has a universal AC 85-264V input.Reliable operation can be guaranteed even in harsh power supply environment, and the outlet is not affected at all.

13、Display: 7 inch Kunlun touch screen operation display interface.